My Books

Pumpkin Spice Latte, with Love

Ben and Alex are determined to make their final year in university together count: joint projects, joint parties, joint dates, you name it.

2020 did not agree.

Now Ben is a barista instead of a barrister while he takes another year of Advanced Tax Law, his dreams of starting up his own pub on hold. Meanwhile Leanne, his friend with considerable benefits, managed to escape corona madness and sculpts out her art major in Estonia.

At least Ben still gets to split his bills; Alex’s plans for a year abroad fell through, and they end up roommates. When Alex’s boyfriend decides to add to the chaos by breaking up with him, Ben decides that 2020 is over. Bro code be damned, these two dudes will hibernate on movie nights, cuddles and pumpkin spice until spring.

The Pearl & Parlour Association (WIP)

Robyn paints murals because her comics don’t pay the bills. Meta, who is convinced her historical fantasy series will never take off, would rather try out waitressing than accept one more technical translation assignment. After a disastrous first meeting, Robyn decides that teaming up might be a good idea.

Against the backdrop of the recently opened coffee shop ‘Parlour’ and with the help of patron Ben and his fiancé (ssst!) Alex, both young women try to figure out how to sell their hearts, rather than their souls.

The Pearl & Parlour Association is set a few years after PSL, with love.

The Mesmer Series

Book one: Phyllis


Phyllis is a healer who can’t quite resist a fight, Marcus a Roman soldier who can’t quite resist a country that would allow him to marry the man of his dreams.

In 2 B.C. Roman Gaul is in the progress of discovering a mixed identity. Caitir, a healer druidess, founded Mesmer, a school for young healers from all over the Empire.. Marcus’s Centuria is charged with the protection of Mesmer, Phyllis is charged with trying no to burn the place down. As they get more familiar with both Gaul and Phyllis’s deviant powers, they struggle to find common ground for their budding friendship to build on.

Book two: Cornelis

When Cornelis meets Phyllis and Marcus, he sees a young Wicca in the grasp of a Roman Optio, and he’ll stop at nothing to set her free. Even if said Optio threatens to make him feel things he swore never to feel again.

A story set in 3 A.D. Roman Gaul. Sequel to “Phyllis”.

Book three: Marcus

While Marcus struggles to mend the broken trust between Phyllis and Cornelis, the healers of Mesmer threaten to become a pawn into the British druids’ battle for survival.

The three of them team up to defend the one place they all hold dear, but when their loyalties gets tested, can they rise above the past to protect their future?